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The Importance of Email List QualityMost businesses don’t give much thought to their email list. It can be tedious to clean, and as lengthy as it is, do a few inactive contacts really matter? Especially when you have so much else to do with your business, email list quality can seem like a low priority. But a clean email list is more important to your business than you might realize. When you send an email, the recipient’s email provider looks at your metrics to determine whether you’re a reputable sender or just spam. If your email list has a high bounce rate, for instance, it could affect reaching even your active contacts.

What is Bounce Rate?

Your email bounce rate is the rate at which emails can’t be delivered. There are a couple reasons that emails might be undeliverable. There might be a typo in your email lists that causes your email to be sent to an address that doesn’t exist, or one of your contacts may have deleted their account. Bounce rate doesn’t cover the whole effectiveness of your email list–there may still be contacts with email accounts that are still open but inactive. But your bounce rate is the most effective way of telling whether or not your email list is working. What is your bounce rate? If it’s 30-40% or more, your email list is in dire need of repair.

How Can a High Bounce Rate Hurt My Business?

Email providers are getting smarter. Gmail for instance, a major personal and business email provider, often sorts emails into folders before the recipient has a chance to read them. It divides email into three folders: primary, social, and promotional. It also sorts suspicious emails from questionable senders into spam, where it’s often never seen by the recipient. Email providers look at your bounce rate to determine whether or not your message is spam. If it’s too high, your message will never reach your contact’s inbox. And for every contact that doesn’t see your message, there’s an opportunity lost.

What Can I Do to Lower My Bounce Rate?

Now that you know what a problem a high bounce rate can be for your business, it’s time to do something about it. Deleting the contact every time you receive a “message could not be delivered” message can be time consuming and tedious, and you might miss some of the inactive contacts. Instead, once each quarter, set some time aside to go through your email list, correct any typos, and delete any inactive contacts. Cleaning your email list 4 times a year will help you keep a low bounce rate, and boost your deliverability.

In business, everything needs to run effectively to yield results. That includes your email list quality. But if your schedule is already too hectic to comb through your email list yourself, there are email list cleaning services out there that can help. Try Fix My List for an affordable but thorough repair of your email list quality, so you can reach your hard-earned business contacts more effectively.