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Is Your Email List Clean?

Chances are that you already know that direct email marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your products and services while also attracting new customers and improving brand recognition. If you’ve never tried this marketing technique before, you’ll need to get an email list in order to make it efficient and cost-effective. An email list is a collection of email addresses that will allow you to target your marketing materials to specific customers.

For a relatively small investment, you can get thousands of active email addresses that are linked to potential customers and clients. However, no email list will stay 100% clean for very long. The longer that you hold onto an email list, the more likely that some of the information that it contains will become outdated. As time passes, email addresses on your list will be deactivated, stop being used or taken over by spam accounts. The more that this occurs, the less effective your list will be.

You don’t have to buy a brand new list to correct this problem, though. You can improve the lists that you already own by using an email list clean service.

If you are wondering just how clean your email list is, here’s how you can find out.

  1. Check The Date 

It’s no secret, things change quickly on the Internet. For an example, just think about the number of email accounts you have used over the years. Chances are that you have deleted accounts and set up new ones several times over the years. An email list is filled with tens of thousands of contacts that have gone through this same process.

This process takes place gradually over time and the longer that you have your list, the more your contact information will degrade. If you purchase a brand new list, you’ll get plenty of use out of it for a few months. If you have had your list for more than few months, you might be surprised at how many accounts have gone dark during this time.

An email list clean service can help you find out exactly how much your list has degraded since you purchased it.

  1. Verify Your Email Information 

Judging the age of your email marketing lists can help you get a good guess about the efficiency and cleanliness of your list. However, this isn’t a scientific approach. If you want accurate data, you can make use of a list cleaning service to learn more.

Using this type of service will be very beneficial because it will allow you to make a before-and-after comparison. At the start of your marketing campaign, make detailed notes about the amount of responses, website hits and sales that you notice after people have received your marketing materials. Then, after using an email list clean service, you should be able to accurately judge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Additionally, a list cleaning service can help you to verify your email information. This means that you will find out which contacts are actually receiving and responding to your marketing materials. If those addresses generate responses, you can consider them to be verified and you can target them with future marketing efforts. This will dramatically improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts by focusing on accounts that are actually linked to potential customers. If you verify your email information, you are making an investment in your future success.

  1. Perform Regular List Cleaning 

One session of list cleaning will get you off to a great start but you need to maintain your list to keep your marketing channels strong and efficient. Also, if you purchase new lists to launch additional campaigns, you’ll need to scrub them clean as well. Once you have several lists purchased, you can find an email list clean service that will combine them together, giving you a massive contact list which is nearly full of useful data.

Remember, even if your current list is thoroughly cleaned, it won’t stay that way for long. Email addresses are closed or taken over by spam accounts on a regular basis so you need to stay vigilant about list cleaning.

Some list cleaning services will keep track of the number of email accounts on your list that “bounce”, or return, your marketing materials. Emails are bounced back for several reasons. They may be bounced because the account is no longer active or because it has been set to reject your emails as spam. List cleaning will remove these lists from the database and it will also help you to customize your emails so that they aren’t rejected by spam filters.

This type of email address validation is very important. Always make sure to carefully track the results of each marketing campaign and compare your results with previous efforts. As time passes, you’ll be able to judge how effective your campaigns are each time. Use this information to hone in your marketing message to focus on greater returns and better efficiency.

The more times that you perform email address validation, the stronger your marketing strategies will become.

List Cleaning Is A Powerful Investment

Email list cleaning has a huge variety of benefits. It will keep your costs down by preventing the need to purchase new lists regularly, giving you a better ROI. It will also reduce the strain on your email server and reduce the response time that is associated with your marketing emails. It will provide you with valuable analytics data that will help you craft more powerful and persuasive emails to increase your turnover rate and drive more traffic to your website. If you rely on marketing to create profits for your business, this kind of data is invaluable.

If you’ve never tried email address validation before, now is the time to start. The sooner you implement a list cleaning plan, the sooner you will be able to start analyzing the data that will supercharge your marketing efforts. This will start paying dividends now and into the future.