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How to grow an opt-in email listUnlike the common opinion, no, email marketing is not dead. In fact, it is very much alive and killing it when it comes to generating leads and sales for any business. It is a way to more personally approach the customer, which is one of the reasons it works so well. For any email campaign to be successful, you must have a decent number of contacts on your mailing list. A mailing list or an opt-in email list is a list of emails provided to you by the owners of those addresses. For a person to become a member of your opt-in list, they must willingly give you their email address through an online subscription form and accept to receive email content from you regularly.

When someone joins your mailing list, it means you’ve earned their trust and that they expect to receive value from you. Therefore, you mustn’t disappoint them with poorly written content and bad campaigns. Make sure everything you send out is meaningful and valuable to the recipients, as you don’t want to lose contacts from your list.

The whole point of email marketing is generating leads and sales, raising awareness and educating your audience regarding certain topics related to your business. The crucial step of this marketing strategy is growing the opt-in email list and maintaining constant relationships with your contacts.

It is very common for email marketers to lose contacts from their list because people either forget about their content or become uninterested in such. Therefore, you must not only focus on growing your mailing list but also on keeping your contacts engaged and interested in what you have to offer.

This is definitely easier said than done but it isn’t impossible to achieve this level of trust and interest from your audience. If they sign up to your mailing list, it means they already want to receive your content. All you have to do is consistently provide value to those recipients and make sure they aren’t getting bored with your emails.

We are going to focus on how to grow your opt-in email list and which steps to take in order to ensure great results. Growing a mailing list is a long and tiring process so don’t expect to wake up to 500 new subscribers out of nowhere. There are, however, great strategies and tips to grow your mailing list effectively, as long as you implement them consistently. Let’s take a look at these below!

#1 Offer something in return!

One of the most effective ways to get people to hand over their mailing list is to offer them something in return. This “something” can be a free ebook, a pdf file, a free webinar or an online course, and it is usually called a gated asset. Whatever your gated asset is, it must offer some kind of value to the reader and make them interested enough to give you their email address for it.

This strategy is also a great way to get target audience to join your opt-in email list. If you’re into email marketing or even marketing in general, you’ve probably heard about the term target audience. There is no point of having a long list of email contacts if they have nothing in common with you and your business. If they aren’t interested in what you’re offering, there’s no way you’re going to get any leads or sales from that source.

It is more likely that you are going to achieve this by sending marketing content to people who are interested in your content and who can benefit from it. These people are called your target audience. If you offer potential subscribers a gated asset that is related to your products or services or the niche you work in, it is likely you are going to attract people from that niche and, thus, increase the chances of conversion.

#2 Promote your opt-in email list!

The next step to growing your opt-in email list is promoting the hell out of it! Obviously, no one is going to join your list unless they at least know it exists. There are plenty of ways to promote your mailing list, all of which include sharing the subscription form with your audience and sources of broader audiences.

The best way to get people interested is to promote the gated assets you offer (the free thing you use as a bait to catch subscribers) across social media and your blog. Even though social media marketing is a great way of getting content in front of people’s eyes, your blog still remains the best source of potential subscribers.

To utilize this asset most effectively, include call-to-action statements in each of your blog posts, encouraging people to take a look at the freebie you are offering them. Make sure the CTA’s and links always fit the blog posts naturally because otherwise throwing it all around the place may seem like spam.

#3 Form your email marketing campaigns strategically!

You already know that once you make that connection with strangers through the mailing list, it is like you’ve created a spiritual bond and swore an oath to always deliver valuable content. Keep that in mind when writing your emails!

Another thing you can do is focus on making the email sharable. What do we mean by that, you may ask? It’s quite simple: when you come across some content and you find it interesting enough, you are likely going to share it with your friends who have similar interests. That’s exactly what you want your audience to do, share your email with their friends and acquaintances who might find it interesting.

That way you will be providing value while expanding your database and increasing chances of sales. To make your content sharable, you have to write it in an informative and engaging manner and also include the share button within the email. Make sure the button is clearly emphasized within the email structure so it doesn’t go unseen.

Implement these strategies and make use of the tips and advice for the best results with your marketing campaign. If you need more help, you have mailing list specialists and experts available at www.bethesda-list.com.