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How to clean and grow an email subscriber listFor the modern day marketer an email subscriber list is one of the most useful tools.It helps you reach out to the audience in a much grander way through their inbox and allows you to get the chance to contact them directly, instead of trying to catch their attention on various modes of social media.

However, in order for you to build an email subscriber list that has a large number of subscribers you need to make sure that the list is clean and precise and apart from that it has the potential to help you grow your subscriber base. If you do not make a clean and perfect email subscriber list you marketing efforts are destined to fail and you will never be able to reap the benefits of the list. There are a large number of people who subscribe to the email lists and then there are those who do not even look at a particular brand’s emails even after they have subscribed to the list which is a bad sign for you.

While you grow your subscriber list, there is always a need for you to focus on the strategies that can be used to ensure that your customers remain engaged. There are a few useful techniques that you can engage so as to re-engage a subscriber list that has becomeinactive.

Ensure that you aren’t sending too many emails

A lot of subscribers choose to unsubscribe from the emails list just because of the fact that they hate all the unnecessary and the large number of emails that they receive from a particular brand every now and then.Depending upon the industry that your business is from you need to understand the proper amount of emails that have to be sent to the subscribers. It is very important that you monitor how many people engage or disengage with your list on a daily basis and based on this analysis you need to decide how often you should email your subscribers.2

Divide your email list for best results

Not all subscribers from your list are going to be interested in each and every email that you send out. Different people respond to different types of content. You need to take a closer look at the email list that you have and then determine what you can do to divide it into different categories. These categories can include the age, gender, education, purchasing history, etc. of the different subscribers in the list as this will allow you to target your audience in a more effective way and will ensure that the subscribers in your email list only receive what matters the most to them.

Having Mobile-Friendly emails is going to help

More and more consumers from all over the world are now opting for mobile friendly solutions and every day that passes by the number grows. Most of the consumers choose to open emails through their mobile devices and this is an opportunity for you to grab.  With changing trends and times you need to ensure that the emails that you send are highly mobile friendly and display the content perfectly as mobile phones can’t be compared to a laptop screen as far as the content is concerned.

Verify your Email List from time to time

There is no possible way that can help you with re-engaging customers who are literally unreachable. Based on surveys it has been found out that around 30-40% of the lists decay within a period of twelve months and there is a possibility that you will get a reduction in your subscriber list each year due to list churn and the best possible solution to decreasethe churn rate is to ensure that the emails you are sending are reaching inboxes with a greater likelihood of people opening them.

You need to get an email verifier that will help you clean your email subscriber lists and further help with removing all the invalid email addresses that contribute to the churn rate. You can also remove the inactive email addresses in orderfor you to stop wasting your time trying to reach out to people that don’t even exist and once you have an email list with real subscribersthat have verified addresses, you can turn to re-engaging them in a much better and much more effective way.

Having a large number of subscribers is good but having a refined subscriber list with customers who wish to engage with your content is even better. Barely growing your list isn’t going to help you in any way as a marketer and having a great audience that actually wishes to hear what you have to say is what you should be going for instead. With all these tips in your mind you can help yourself get a refined and precise list of subscribers on your email list and help your business grow manifold.

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