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How to Build a Clean Email ListEmail List Hygiene

Email list hygiene is very important because maintaining a clean email list is the best practice for an effective and targeted email marketing program. By following an email list cleaning in a routine, not only will you be making your email marketing program much more effective but will also save a lot of time and energy. In order to get a clean and hygienic email list you need to follow certain steps that ensure your marketing program becomes a hit instantly and you get the response that you have been expecting from your list as well as the response that you deserve. An email list cleaning process demands removal of unresponsive addresses as well as the removal of invalid addresses in a routinely fashion. Usually it is a good practice to get to the email list cleaning every six months but then there is not strict rule to follow here as far as the time frame is concerned. What you need to do is to make sure that you follow the timeline that you set for yourself no matter what it is so that you make it a habit of maintaining email list hygiene for it to be the way it really should be.

Why is it necessary to maintain a clean email list?

Most of the email providers these days have started tracking the kind of email content that is being sent to the recipients in their mail inbox and so they respond in order to control spam and unwanted emails. The email providers track all kinds of emails and the ones that are being unsubscribed by recipients, the number of emails opened by recipients and the number of emails that have been deleted without reading them. With a clean list you will always have a greater chance of getting them delivered and reap the most out of your email marketing program. The moment a recipient allows you to send to them an email, you need to be able to send them what you have offered and in turn earn their loyalty towards you. But, sometimes as it happens, several formerly loyal and interested subscribers seem to be no longer interested in the kind of content you send to them and want to disengage themselves from your program and this is where you need to again clean your list so that your list is never at a stagnated stage and that your reputation and the deliverability of your emails is not hurt.

How and why does deliverability matter so much?

Well, deliverability matters a lot as far as email marketing is concerned. The success rate at which an email marketer is able to get the content to the inbox of the recipients in a list depends entirely on the deliverability. The deliverability depends upon a formula which includes factors such as engagement rates, email content, reputation and number of spam messages. The deliverability can be maintained by a sender by sending great content and having a clean and hygienic email list.

Tips on email list cleaning

Maintaining your email list hygiene is necessary and in order to make sure that your list is spic and span you need to follow a few steps and these steps are:

  1. Removal of email addresses that bounce.

It does not matter that once you’ve had the address of a particular subscriber, you are in a great situation. The email addresses of subscribers are not going to remain the same and are subject to change overtime. Some users change their email addresses, start using newer accounts and forget the old ones etc. When you send an email to an address which is no longer in use, you are likely to get that email in to the bounce category and you will have to find such email addresses time and again in order to remove them from the list and clean your list.

  1. Send the kind of content that makes it interesting for recipients.

If you are sending the right kind of content to the right kind of subscribers they will definitely be attracted towards what you offer and will like to stay. With the right content your email list will grow and would more and more loyalists who love to know more about your program and your services. You can run a survey and ask recipients what kind of stuff they seek from the kind of business that you or your company is involved with or you can have some great content ready for the emails and then send it.

  1. Get an email subscription confirmation

When you get an email list subscription confirmation you can maintain a healthier and cleaner email list. In order to maintain a better email list hygiene you need to get confirmation to the subscription by asking the recipients to click on a subscription link or any other means that you think fit. This way you will be able to know in a better way how many subscribers you have in your list that are actually interested in the content you send.

  1. Send test emails to know inactive subscribers

Sending test mails is a great way to check for inactive subscribers on the list and is also a great way to re-engage subscribers who have been inactive for a while. This way you will be able to get in touch with several of the inactive members who have for some reason not been responsive or had disengaged themselves from your campaign. For those who get back to the list can stay there and those who do not respond even after several reminders should be rendered as permanently inactive and be removed from the list in order for it to be cleaner.

Make sure that your email list campaign becomes a hit by cleaning it time and again and also ensure that your campaign is able to make positive impact for you and your business. In order to maintain a clean and hygienic email list visit Fixmylist.com and know how you can make your list an effective one by letting us provide you top of the line services as we are the pioneers in email list cleaning and related services.