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How Email Data Hygiene Saves You MoneyData hygiene has many different names used by professionals, but all of the terms mean the same thing. Data hygiene is the process of keeping only the data in your database that will reach the core audience.

Good data hygiene can help save businesses from losing up to 12% of their revenue each year. This revenue lost can be blamed on a number of things including lower credibility, marketing money loss, lower productivity, and poor strategic decisions.

With positive data hygiene tactics, you’ll have the ability to reach the core audience and reduce budget loss. Maintaining your database by practicing proper data hygiene is a vital part of any marketing plan.


Why Email Data Hygiene is Important

The first step to good data hygiene is cleaning your entire database, but to make the most of your marketing it’s important to practice good email data hygiene as well. Email data hygiene is unique and challenging at times, but the benefits make it well worth the learning curve.

With easy to use tools like Fix My List, you can pay a small fee to scan your email recipient lists and remove any invalid emails. Using Fix My List on a regular basis improves credibility and email deliverability rates. You may even be able to obtain a current email address to reach individuals at who currently have invalid addresses on file. While hiring an email data hygiene company to scan your lists of recipients does come with a cost, the average return on investment for companies who use such services is $44.

What is Data Cleansing?

Simply put, data cleansing is exactly what it sounds like. Through a process of reviewing and removing or updating invalid data, you can cleanse your data base and maintain good data hygiene. Data cleansing results in better overall performance and revenue savings.

Data cleansing involves removing or updating invalid and outdated data on hand for potential customers. After data cleansing, your email data and other marketing techniques will become more effective and receive higher response times. Time and money from the budget that was once spent wasted on invalid customer info can begin being put to work on legitimate contact information for potential customers thanks to data cleansing.

How Can Fix My List Help?

In addition to the email scanning services mentioned above, Fix My List can help you improve your analytics and increase revenue overtime. Fix My List takes the guess work out of email data hygiene to help you make the most of your marketing messages. With these services you’ll have peace of mind knowing each email you send out is being received by a potential customer, not a black hole or junk mailbox.

Contact a qualified customer support representative from Fix My List today at https://www.fixmylist.com/blog/ or 301-968-1712 to begin improving your deliverability rates and budget today! Ask about a free consultation to learn more about how Fix My List can start helping your business or company.