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Email Verification and List Cleaning StrategyList Cleaning Strategy

Almost every marketing strategy today involves special focus on email marketing across the globe. Email marketing has a lot of pros and it seems that there aren’t any cons to it, which is why it has become such a big hit among people who want to give a push to their business ventures. It seems that without an email marketing campaign there cannot be a growth or push for a business these days. The world has gone online today and this is why email marketing has become an integral part of every business venture’s marketing strategy. But, how good is an email marketing campaign if you are not able to reap the most out of. The email marketing campaign can always be helpful in pushing the growth of a company to the next level and all it takes is to do the marketing in the right way.

The potential of email marketing is far too much and one can tap that potential by working in the right direction that can help the email marketing strategy become flawless and deliver the most. In order to make the email marketing campaign perfect, it is necessary that the email list should be cleaned from time to time and the said list is also verified time and again. Email verification is a necessary part of email list cleaning and if it is done in the right way, the deliverability is liable to increase and would further have remarkable results.

Importance of Email Verification

Email verification is an extremely important and significant part of an email marketing strategy and email list cleaning. It helps the business grow and maintain itself in a good shape. There are times when an email address is the only way to communicate with a particular individual or another business venture and if the said email address is not verified, there are chances that you or your business venture may be defrauded. Almost all the big institutions such as banks for example consider getting the email verification done just because they know of its importance and why such email verification is necessary for them to differentiate between the genuine as well as the non-genuine emails addresses.

It is therefore important for you as well to have verified email addresses in your email marketing list so that you will have genuine contacts who are sincerely interested in the services you or your business venture provide. Furthermore, having verified email addresses in your list will increase the deliverability of your emails on all the addresses and in turn increase your rating in the eyes of the email service provider. You will have better chances and greater opportunities of reaching out to probable customers and clients and your email marketing campaign will be much more effective. The email marketing campaign will deliver you in a far greater way if you have the right approach with a clean email list that has verified email addresses.

How to get email verification done?

Since most of the communication will be done through email as it is an important part of your email marketing campaign it is important that you get the list cleaned in a timely manner and once you clean the list, you will have to get email verification done too. With email verification, you will automatically have a cleaner email list and in order to get to that stage you will have to follow a few steps.

1. Get an email verification software

Email verification software is something that is quite popular these days and it is definitely going to stay. There are a lot of companies such as Fixmylist.com that provide email verification services and can help you clean your email list by getting the email verification done for you.

2. Get an email verification service provider

With so many addresses in a list, it would not possible for you to shell out time and do the email verification exercise yourself. So, in order to get the email verification done, it is best that you hire the services of an email verification service provider.

3. Email verification tool

There are many email verification tools that can help you get the email verification done in a fast way. However it is important that you get the best tool available out there because several of the tools aren’t so effective and you don’t want to spend money on something that doesn’t give the desired results.

Email list cleaning and email verification go hand in hand

An email marketing campaign has high potential and in order to achieve the most out of it the list has to be clean. Email list cleaning is not an easy task and it takes a lot of effort to get the list cleaned time and again. It is not that once the list has been cleaned it is done for good. The email list cleaning is a continuous process that has to be followed in a timely fashion. You will have to set a timeline when the list will have to be cleaned and follow the process in a strict manner so that it is perfect. Email verification is one of the most important tasks within the email list cleaning exercise. If the email list verification has been done, half of the list gets cleaned since all the non-genuine email addresses are removed from the list. So in order to get a properly cleaned list, getting the email verification done is important. With email verification there is no point in doing anything else as far as email list cleaning is concerned as it wouldn’t do justice to the whole process because email list cleaning will only be complete if the email addresses are verified.

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