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email list hygiene - Fixmylist.comAre you regularly cleaning your email list and ensuring it is as up to date as possible? If you’re not, you better start. This is because the process is crucial to ensure you are making the most of your valuable company time. With the best possible email list hygiene present, you will have an efficient business like never before.

Each year, email lists reduce in activity by almost a quarter percentage. With so many of your subscribers never opening your emails in the first place. Then what is the point of even trying to reach them?

The solution to this problem is email scrubbing. The goal of email scrubbing is to purge the subscribers from your email list who no longer engage with your messages or content. Utilize email scrubbing for email list hygiene. As such, you will be able to directly market only to the people. who are actively interested in reading the emails you send.

Email scrubbing should occur a few times during the year, if not more. It is an important part of your email marketing campaigns, so it should not be neglected.

If you are deciding whether or not it is time for another check up on your email list hygiene, there are a few red flags you can examine. Ideally, you’ll be able to notice right away, but it can be up for confusion at times.

Open rates and subscription counts are two of the most crucial elements to look for when thinking about email scrubbing. If your readers are faltering on clicking through an email , you will definitely want to rid  of these subscribers. Empty subscriptions don’t do enough for you.

Additionally, if you have more people unsubscribing or reporting your content as spam, there is an obvious lack of engagement transpiring. Look for these signals to see if email scrubbing should be imminent.

When examining the why of email scrubbing, there are numerous benefits that will be pivotal for you and your email marketing campaigns.

Most of the positive aspects of email scrubbing are directly inverse of the reasons to pursue it in the first place. For example, one prime benefit of email list hygiene and its upkeep are higher rates of opens and click throughs. If your subscribers regularly read your content, then you are more likely to have an impact. By having engaged readers, these percentages will undoubtedly be on the rise.

It also helps to have fewer people reporting your emails as spam. The fewer people who engage with your emails who feel the need to report them, the less chance you will have of going to spam folders on the default. With all of these influences involved, your email marketing campaigns will absolutely become less expensive, at that!

If you want to have the best possible email marketing campaigns, then email scrubbing is crucial. For even more information on the best ways to attain email list hygiene, you can reach out to FixMyList now! Our experts will be thrilled to help you. (https://www.fixmylist.com/email-verification-list-cleaning-services/)