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Email List Cleaning and Repair

There’s a great way to ensure that your email lists stay healthy. It’s called email cleaning.

In the process of email cleaning, the contact addresses on your marketing lists will be checked and verified and any inactive or dead accounts will be removed. The result is a clean, healthy list that contains only valid, active accounts that are connected to potential leads, clients and customers.

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Email Validation

How does email cleaning work exactly? It involves a specific process known as email validation.

This type of validation helps to ensure that your marketing lists are clean and therefore more valuable. Here’s what happens:

  • The email addresses on your email marketing list are checked for validity and activity. This means that they will first be examined to make sure they comply with delivery standards and proper format. Addresses that are too jumbled or improperly formatted will be rejected and removed.
  • Next, the addresses will be checked for “cleanness”. This means that they’ll be examined for typos, spelling errors, incorrect domain suffixes and other common errors. In many cases, even one mistake caused by a missed keystroke can turn a valid address into a junk address.
  • Finally, the addresses will be checked for signs of spam activity. If spam addresses are introduced to your marketing lists, you could end up sending marketing emails to scammers and fraudsters. This could increase your chances of receiving junk emails, slowing down your response times and potentially introducing vulnerabilities into your inbox.

As a final step, any addresses that don’t pass email verification will be scrubbed from your marketing lists, leaving with you with fresh addresses and making your lists work like new.


Email Verification lets you to convert your customer’s data into quality leads.

We verify email addresses to ensure the username at that domain is real and exists. Email validation cuts out the bad email addresses and helps you maintain a good clean list. Our service has high rates of accuracy and can verify all the major email providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, AOL and Hotmail. Stop getting high bounce rates and start getting inbox success!

Our email marketing campaigns were showing high bounce rates and we knew it was from old lists we were using. After getting them cleaned, our mailings are getting great results. – Robert G.

The folks at FixMyList not only did a great job for our company, but they educated us in the process. We learned the importance of clean data for good customer leads. – Andrew S.