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In an email marketing campaign, email deliverability is the first goal and to ensure maintaining a check on email list cleaning. Your emails have to reach the inbox for them to be successful, but how do you do that? Email list cleaning should be the first thing on your mind! Over 35% of your email list goes bad each and every year without you knowing. That means that right now, over 35% of your emails could be getting rejected, blocked, or bounced from the inbox. Our Expert team at www.fixmylist.com have put together 5 easy steps to begin improving your email deliverability today.

email deliverability

1. Get the Email List Clean

Before you can focus on email deliverability, you’ve got to clean out the email list you already have. This means checking your list for both hard and soft bounces and getting rid of all of them, no exceptions. At FixMyList, we have easy to use services available to help you with email list cleaning to remove unused and unreachable emails from your list.

2. Lower Your Churn Rate

The churn rate of your emails is the rate at which people are unsubscribing from your email list. This could include spam reports, hard bounces, and manual unsubscribing. The first step towards lowering your churn rate involves figuring out why people are bouncing and unsubscribing from your mailing list. Are you keeping content relevant? Are you sending emails too frequently? An easy solution to these problems is offering an opt-down option. This will allow your recipients to remain on your mailing list while requesting to receive fewer emails. While it isn’t ideal, it will more than likely improve your email deliverability rates.

3. Correct the List You Have for maximum Email Deliverability Rate

Did you know that up to 15% of your list may be filled with invalid addresses? Those invalid addresses can often be fixed by correcting spelling and syntax errors. By turning invalid addresses into valid ones your email deliverability will go up and your email list cleaning will be more accurate. FixMyList can assist in this process by using real-time email tracking to determine which recipient’s emails bounce before ever hitting the inbox.

4. Are You CAN-SPAM Compliant?

If you aren’t familiar with CAN-SPAM, you should be! CAN-SPAM includes a set of laws for email marketing. If you aren’t abiding by these laws, your email deliverability rates will plummet as your messages become blacklisted. You can also face some hefty fines for each email that doesn’t comply with the law. One of the most commonly overlooked laws states that every email must contain an easy opt-out or unsubscribe option, so take a second to double check your messages before they go out!

5. Avoid Spam-trapping

FixMyList recommends you run your email list through a cleaning tool to check for bots and disposable emails that may be lowering your email deliverability rates. This is just another form of email list cleaning. You should avoid spam words such as free, guarantee, and sales in email subjects to improve email deliverability even more.
Successful email marketing is a lot of work, but our experts are here to help. Contact our team of Experts at FixMyList.com today to learn more.