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The world of email marketing is complex and at times, difficult to conquer if you are not making things right with the email mailer. If you’re like many other companies, you’re probably diligently sending out your email mailer and wondering why you don’t see more return on investment from your messages. There are a handful of common email mailer mistakes and chances are, you’re making at least one of them.

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Make It Personal For Your Email Mailer

A very common mistake is sending out the same email mailer to everyone on your mailing list. While it may be impossible to formulate a personal message for each and every mailing subscriber, you can create different mailing lists for customers with common needs and interests. Rather than sending each email mailer out to every customer, your aim should be to only send relevant information to the segmented section of your mailing list that it best applies to.

Include Texts In the Email Templates

Many email mailers feature one large image containing the entire message, but this isn’t effective email marketing. Mailboxes often mark image-only messages as spam before they ever reach the desired recipient. If the email mailer is delivered, the recipient may not even be able to load the image to view it. That means you’ve just filled their mailbox with an empty, pointless message. Images are extremely successful in online marketing, but that isn’t the case if the user can’t view the image! Every email mailer you send should include text along with images.

Use the Right Links

Email mailers are often filled with links and buttons, but they’re rarely the right ones. While a link to your homepage may seem good enough, if the email mailer is featuring a specific product, the link should connect the user to that page directly. In 2018 users are on the hunt for easy accessibility and email mailers are no exception to that rule. Include minimal links and buttons so you don’t overwhelm the recipient, but be sure the ones you do include are relevant to that specific email mailer. Test out a variety of different button and link formats within your email mailers to determine which ones get users to click and visit the advertised product or sale.

Clean Your Email List

To truly improve on email mailer results, you need to clean your email list. Email list cleaning includes removing outdated emails, bots, bounced recipients, and disposable emails. In order to check your email analytics, you have to start with a clean email list. It will also improve your email mailers based on the results. Also, you may be able to improve up to 15% of your list by checking for misspelled words and improper syntax. A clean email list will result in higher deliverability rates, better interaction, and more room for improvement based on analytics.
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