What Does Email List Hygiene Mean?

Why Is Email List Hygiene Important? Email marketing campaigns are very delicate and they have to be orchestrated by those who oversee them in the most careful and competent manners possible or else they could risk wasting all of the resources and funds allocated towards crafting the best possible email marketing campaigns. Sometimes, the aspects

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The Best Email List Cleaning Guide

How To Clean Email List? The process of email list cleaning is one that, for many, could seem like a relatively process especially because everything that needs to be done throughout all of it is basically entirely in the name. However, many small businesses find themselves challenged by the process and it is not at

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How to Clean Your Email List

If you are going to be doing some email list cleaning, there are a few steps you will want to take before actually going through the process. Just as important as the actual email list cleaning are the steps at the outset to make sure the readers who are being scrubbed are actually necessary to

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Email Scrubbing – How and Why

Are you regularly cleaning your email list and ensuring it is as up to date as possible? If you’re not, you better start. This is because the process is crucial to ensure you are making the most of your valuable company time. With the best possible email list hygiene present, you will have an efficient

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Clean Email Lists and Avoiding Email Mailer Mistakes

The world of email marketing is complex and at times, difficult to conquer if you are not making things right with the email mailer. If you’re like many other companies, you’re probably diligently sending out your email mailer and wondering why you don’t see more return on investment from your messages. There are a handful

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5 Easy Steps for Email Deliverability

In an email marketing campaign, email deliverability is the first goal and to ensure maintaining a check on email list cleaning. Your emails have to reach the inbox for them to be successful, but how do you do that? Email list cleaning should be the first thing on your mind! Over 35% of your email

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How Email Data Hygiene Saves You Money

Data hygiene has many different names used by professionals, but all of the terms mean the same thing. Data hygiene is the process of keeping only the data in your database that will reach the core audience. Good data hygiene can help save businesses from losing up to 12% of their revenue each year. This

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IP Warming – Why and How?

In case you're inquiring about IP warming up, your business is most likely developing or on the verge of aggressive expansion. Or then again perhaps you've chosen to put resources into a noteworthy update for your email program.

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How to grow an opt-in email list

Unlike the common opinion, no, email marketing is not dead. In fact, it is very much alive and killing it when it comes to generating leads and sales for any business. It is a way to more personally approach the customer, which is one of the reasons it works so well. For any email campaign to

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10 Mistakes to Avoid in Business Email Marketing

No matter how popular social media and other forms of digital communication get, direct mail and business email marketing remain popular and effective. If you want to avoid any current or potential customers or clients clicking delete before they read, avoid these 10 mistakes with every marketing campaign. Mistake #1 – Lack of Responsive Email

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What kind of bad emails are there?

If you have purchased an email list in order to become more effective at direct email marketing, it's important to maintain the health and cleanliness of your list. Old email lists may have once been useful but their effectiveness degrades over time. As time passes, accounts that were once active and useful for marketing will

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