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Email List Cleaning and Repair

Email List Cleaning and Repair

Improve the reach of your brand with email cleaning and healthy mailing lists to get connected to potential leads and customers.

Email List Cleaning

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Low cost solutions for your email list hygiene. Our easy, three step process produces fast and accurate results for cleaner lists.

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Improve the Reach of Your Brand with Email Cleaning

Your email list is at the heart of your digital marketing efforts. Each contact on that list should represent a new lead or an opportunity for repeat business. If you can’t fully rely on the integrity of that list, you might be opening yourself up to a weakness in your business plan.

You can keep your email marketing efforts robust and effective when you update email information on these contact lists. There are several reasons that you need to do this on a regular basis. It’s most important to maintain a clean, updated and healthy email list. That will keep you ahead of the competition while keeping your marketing materials in front of your ideal target customers.

Updating your email lists can be one of the most powerful ways to strengthen your brand.

We use FixMyList for all our customer’s email lists before we start their email campaigns. Great customer service and fast turn-around time! – Keith W.

Our bounce rates have dropped dramatically since we cleaned our lists with FimMyList. Our open rates have gone up and we are getting solid leads now, thanks! – Helen M.