Improve the Reach of Your Brand with Email Cleaning

Your email list is the heart of your digital marketing efforts. Each contact on that list should represent a new lead or an opportunity for repeat business. If you can’t fully rely on the integrity of that list, you might be opening yourself up to a weakness in your business plan.

You can keep your email marketing efforts robust and effective when you update email information on these contact lists. There are several reasons that you need to do this on a regular basis. The most important thing that you need to know is that a clean, updated, healthy email list will keep you ahead of the competition and it will keep your marketing materials in front of your ideal target customers.

Updating your email lists can be one of the most powerful ways to strengthen your brand.
How to Clean Email Lists


Email List Health

The effectiveness of your email marketing lists is directly related to the success of your marketing efforts. Unless you regularly update email contact information in these lists, you could be wasting valuable time and resources.

There’s a very simple reason for this: people are very busy these days and their email contact information changes frequently. To understand this fact, just think about how many email addresses that you have used over the years. You have probably gone through half a dozen or more email addresses for personal use, work use and other purposes. There are many reasons to change email contact information:

  • Switching to a different Internet Service Provider
  • Moving to a new company
  • Losing passwords/account lockout
  • Simple neglect or a desire for change

The point is, an email marketing list is only completely healthy for a short time. For example, when you first buy or obtain an email list, it’s a safe bet that most of the addresses on that list are still valid and active. However, the longer that you hold onto that list, more addresses on it will start to go dark. Think of this like a type of email hygiene.

A list that has nearly 100% valid, verified email addresses has great email hygiene and can be considered very healthy. A list with a high proportion of dead or inactive contact accounts has poor hygiene. Just like in real life, what do you do to treat bad hygiene? You clean it up!

How to Clean Email Lists

Email List Cleaning and Repair

There’s a great way to ensure that your email lists stay healthy. It’s called email cleaning.

In the process of email cleaning, the contact addresses on your marketing lists will be checked and verified and any inactive or dead accounts will be removed. The result is a clean, healthy list that contains only valid, active accounts that are connected to potential leads, clients and customers.

How does email cleaning work exactly? It involves a specific process known as email validation.

This type of validation helps to ensure that your marketing lists are clean and therefore more valuable. Here’s what happens:

  • The email addresses on your email marketing list are checked for validity and activity. This means that they will first be examined to make sure they comply with delivery standards and proper format. Addresses that are too jumbled or improperly formatted will be rejected and removed.

  • Next, the addresses will be checked for “cleanness”. This means that they’ll be examined for typos, spelling errors, incorrect domain suffixes and other common errors. In many cases, even one mistake caused by a missed keystroke can turn a valid address into a junk address.

  • Finally, the addresses will be checked for signs of spam activity. If spam addresses are introduced to your marketing lists, you could end up sending marketing emails to scammers and fraudsters. This could increase your chances of receiving junk emails, slowing down your response times and potentially introducing vulnerabilities into your inbox.

As a final step, any addresses that don’t pass email verification will be scrubbed from your marketing lists, leaving with you with fresh addresses and making your lists work like new.

How to Clean Email Lists

Benefits of Email List Cleaning

If you’re not convinced that email cleaning by using email validation is a smart move, here’s a quick breakdown of exactly how this process can benefit your company.

#1. Better use of your money.

You have to pay for email marketing lists and you deserve to get what you pay for. While it’s normal to get a list with a few junk addresses, if you have too many of these on your list, you’re losing money.

Email verification turns a sloppy, ineffective marketing list into a finely tuned, effective list that will put your marketing materials exactly where you want them: on the computer screens of potential customers.

#2. Improved reputation.

When you send marketing emails to spam accounts, dead accounts or junk accounts, email server providers take notice. This can actually damage your reputation and make you more likely to be marked as a spam sender. In turn, this can cause email server providers to flag messages from your accounts, directing your marketing emails straight into the junk folders of potential customers without you even knowing.

The solution is to use data processing for email to prevent becoming marked as a spam marketer. When you use thorough email cleaning by validation and verification, you can keep your sterling reputation as a trustworthy email sender.

#3. Better analytics.

If you’ve run more than one email marketing campaign, you know how important it is to analyze the results. When you compare your rate of new customer acquisition, lead follow-ups and new sales to your total number of emails sent, you get a very clear picture of your success rate. It’s very simple: if your new campaign leads to more sales, you’re on the right track. If you’re losing sales, you know you need to make some changes.

When you send emails to junk accounts, the picture gets muddy. You simply have no way of knowing if you’re not making sales due to ineffective marketing or if you’re simply shooting emails into the black holes of junk addresses.

Email cleaning solves this problem by making sure that you’re only contacting valid addresses. The result is crystal clear analytics, which are just as valuable as any other metric in your business.

Direct email marketing is the key to growing your brand. If you’re not using email verification to keep your email hygiene in peak condition, you’re not getting your money’s worth out of your direct marketing lists. Start cleaning today to update email information and get your marketing materials directly to the customers you need to reach.

How to Clean Email Lists